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May Goals Recap

Here is my recap for the month of May. I think I did a good job overall with my goals. There were a couple that I completely failed, but did see improvement for most.

1. 10,000 steps daily


The only days I was able to reach 10,000 steps were the days I worked. Next month I plan to walk and run more so I can reach this goal

2. No Twitter

30/31 I only went on Twitter once and I honestly did not miss it.

3. No shopping at Walmart or Target

29/31 I didn’t do any shopping at Walmart, but I did shop twice at Target, mostly for things that were necessary.

4. Run 30 miles

This is a goal that I failed at. I didn’t run a single mile this month. Just had a hard time motivating myself, especially given everything that is going on. Also, I don’t like running in my neighborhood because it gets boring.

5. Watch TV only 2 times a week


The first three weeks went well. The last week of May I ended up watching tv/Youtube four days.

6. Use phone less than 6 hours a day


For the most part I was successful at this. I know I can improve on this next month.

7. Post 3 videos in YouTube


This didn’t happen. I didn’t post a single video. Partially because I just don’t feel like anyone will even watch what I post, so why bother.

8. Write 5 posts for my blog


I barely accomplished this one. Posted five posts for my blog. Hoping to post more next month because I have plenty posts saved in my drafts.

9. No fast food


I did well. I only ate fast food twice this month, but I want this number to be zero for the month of June.

10. Read 4 books


I ended up reading 10 books this month.


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