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Ranking Taylor Swift’s Albums

I first started listening to Taylor Swift back in 2008/2009 during my senior year of high school. Her music has definitely changed over the last 10 years or so. I am still a fan of Taylor Swift, though not as much as before. Her music is still good, but it’s not what I grew up with. Fun fact, my daughter’s middle name is Taylor, yes after Taylor Swift.

1. Speak Now (2010) A++

Best Song: Last Kiss

This is basically her best album and no one can convince me otherwise. I don’t think there is a single bad song on this album. Her best song, not only on this album, but in all her music, is Last Kiss. I also really like Enchanted, Story of us, Never Grow Up, to name a few.

2. Fearless (2008) A

This is the album that made her famous. It was her second album and it still had some country influence. Love Story is probably the one song that everyone heard when it came out. It is definitely the song that made me a Taylor Swift fan. However, my favorite song is Tell Me Why because I can relate to the lyrics.

Best Song: Tell me Why

3. Red (2012) A-

In this album, she started going pop. I like a few songs from here, including the popular songs like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble.

Best Song: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

4. Taylor Swift (2006) B+

This is her debut album. Her most famous song is Teardrops on my Guitar. I like this song, but it’s my fourth favorite from this album, after Should’ve Said No and Cold as You. My number one song is A Perfectly Good Heart. This is an underrated song. It is lyrically one of her best songs.

Best Song: A Perfectly Good Heart

5. 1989 (2014) B

This is considered Taylor Swift’s official first pop album. While it wasn’t what I was used to hearing from Taylor Swift,

Best Song: Wildest Dreams

6. Lover (2019) B-

This album was just released last year. I haven’t heard many songs from it, so I can’t really judge it. The only two songs that I have heard are Me and Lover.

Best Song: Lover

7. Reputation (2017) C-

This is definitely my least favorite Taylor Swift album. I get that she was experimenting with her sound, but I don’t like it. The lyrics in many songs were good, but I just didn’t like the sound. One example of a song that I really liked the lyrics is Are You Ready for it. While the lyrics were good, I didn’t like the beat or how she sang the song.

Best Song: Gorgeous



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