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October Goals

I am about a week late in posting these, better late than never!
Here are my goals for this month. Since I am not rally doing Instacart anymore, I won’t have a goal for making a certain amount of money through a side hustle. Some goals will be the same or similar as the ones from last month.

1. Run 25 miles
2. Post 3 videos on Youtube
3. Post at least 5 posts on my blog
4. Read 5 books ( I have more time this month to read since I am on baby bonding leave for 3 weeks)
5. Write at least 25 pages for a novel (could be a new one or continue working on current one)
6. Go walking with Selena 4 days a week for 30+ minutes
7. Stick to my grocery/eating out budget for this month, which is $250 for both Selena and me


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