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July Goals Recap

Last month I only set a few goals, but didn’t reach most of them. I did get very close though. Here’s how I did on my goals last month.

1. No Spend July – I had 21 no spend days which is good, but disappointing because my goal was to have 31 no spend days.

2. Run 30 miles- I did not reach this goal either, I only ran 18 miles, but I did much better than June, when I only ran 3 miles

3. Add $50 to emergency fund- I did this one!

4. Make $700 with my side hustle- accomplished this one, made a little over $700 with Instacart last month

5. Launch Athena Rose website – didn’t do this one, but I am getting this website ready to launch it this month

6. Post 10 posts on my blog – only posted 2 posts

7. Post 2 videos on youtube – posted only 1


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