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Meatless March Fail

Here’s an update on Meatless March…I failed. I lasted one week without eating any seafood, poultry, or red meat. However, by the end of the first week, I spent most days feeling lightheaded and weak. I made the mistake of not eating more veggies with iron. I had anemia in the past and even in my early pregnancy, not getting enough iron was an issue for me. Another thing that made it hard was that I still live at home and my mom usually cooks dinner.

Most days I was too tired from taking care of my baby to make myself something for dinner, so I would just eat whatever my mom made for dinner. Usually what my mom made for dinner included either red meat or poultry.

I may not have been able to give up meat for a whole month, but I do plan on eating less from now on. Maybe I can eat meat twice a week and improve from there. It might take me a while, but I would like to eventually become either vegetarian or vegan.


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