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Christmas Season

It’s almost Christmas! I love this time of the year. Everything about Christmas season makes me happy. The music, the decorations, the movies, the food, I can go on and on. The only thing I can’t do this year is go ice skating because of the little one in my belly. Oh well, there’s always next year!

One of my favorite things to do is watch Christmas movies. Since I have so much free time, this year I decided to watch a few Christmas movies from Netflix. Here are my favorites. Most of them from 2017-2018, but I did add a few older movies.
1. The Holiday Calendar
2. Christmas Crush
3. A Christmas Prince
4. Christmas Inheritance
5. The Princess Switch
6. A Christmas Prince 2

Non Netflix Movies
1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
2. Santa Clause 1
3. Santa Clause 2
4. Santa Clause 3
5. It’s a Wonderful Life

Besides watching movies, I also like driving around the cities looking at all the decorations with my family. It’s fun to see how creative people get when it comes to decorating their houses. Some people really go all out. When I buy my own house, my house will definitely be decorated every Christmas season.

Another thing I love is Christmas music. In fact, this year I started listening to Christmas before Thanksgiving! That was only because there was a radio station that started playing music really early. I think they started playing music in the first week of November. Some people complain about the music being played too soon, but it’s very cheerful music and always lifts up my spirit when I hear that music being played. My favorite song is Let it Snow, but I also really like the song Little Drummer Boy.

One thing I really like to do is go to Knott’s Berry Farm. During this time, they call it Knott’s Merry Farm. I love how they decorate everything and all the Christmas themed desserts and food that they have. My family and I also enjoy watching the Christmas shows they have, especially Snoopy on Ice.


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