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Friendship Breakups

Breakups with boyfriends and girlfriends can be hard, but so are friendship breakups. Sometimes there is a big argument that breaks up the friendship. Other times you just drift apart. That’s what happened to most of my friendships from middle school and high school. Do I wish I still talked to some of my old friends? Yes, I do. But that’s not possible. 

One of my longest friendships was five years. We met at work and from there we became friends. She was one of my closest friends, I told her everything. Then one day, I noticed things were off between us. We didn’t talk as much and we started drifting apart. When she left the job, I stopped hearing from her. I saw her again a few months later at a co-workers baby shower, but it was a bit awkward. Friendships work when both people put in an effort. In this case, I would try to talk to her but she was distant. I thought it was best to let go of that friendship.

Sometimes you can become friends with someone very quickly, in only a few months. You talk to them every day and hang out and tell each other everything. Then one day they stop talking to you just because they have a new person in their life. One of my friends stopped talking to me because the girl he was saying didn’t like me and told him he had to pick her or me. He picked her and I haven’t heard from him since.

One of the downsides of growing up is that it gets harder to make friends. Cherish the friendships you have. They might not last forever.

Here are some songs for friendship breakups (they might be written for bf and gfs but can’t be for friendship breakups too!)

1. Someone I Used to Know – Gotye

2. Someone Like You- Adele

3. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

4. We Used to Be Friends – Dandy Warhols 

5. Don’t Speak – No Doubt


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