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A New Job

I have been working at my current job for about 5 years now. I recently decided to get another part time job to help save up so that I can move out on my own. I applied to almost 10 different places before finally hearing back from one. The place that called me back was the gym that I have been a member of since January 2016. I really like going there and it was surprising they called me back.

It has been one week already at my new job and I really like it. There was so much training I had to do before I could actually start working. I have learned a lot on my first week of working there. I was so nervous on my first day because I thought it would be really hard, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

It will definitely be a challenge for me to have two jobs. I know a lot of people do this or some people even have three jobs. It’s my first time, although in the past I was a full time student while working and that can be hard too. My goal is to work two jobs for only a few months. I am hoping to only have one job by the beginning of 2018.


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