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2017 Australian Open

I did not get to watch most of the Australian Open matches this year. However, I did watch both the men’s and women’s finals. I was really happy to see that Serena Williams won over her sister, Venus Williams and that Roger Federer won over Rafael Nadal.

In tennis, most players, especially the top ones, start when they are as young as 4 and 5 years old. They usually become professional around 16/17 years old. In tennis, being 30+ years old is way too old. Many players retire at this age of continue to play, but not at the top level they played when they were much younger. That is not the case with the players in both finals. Both winners are 35 years ago, which is unusual in tennis.

Tennis fans love to see Serena Williams vs Venus Williams because they always have good matches. They seem to bring out the best in each other. 

Both Federer and Nadal spent many months of 2016 being injured. People doubted either of these two would make it far in the Australian Open, let alone get to the final. Nadal is only 30 but has been dealing with wrist injuries for many years. Federer is 35 and has been written off by many fans and sports commentators. They say that Federer is the best of all time, but that at his age, he wouldn’t win anymore major titles. He proved them all wrong. I have been a Federer fan ever since I started watching tennis back in 2011 and he is just incredible to watch. His athleticism and skill is greater than many people could even dream to reach.

Next month I will be going to Indian Wells. I hope to see these players there!


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