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Whittier Spooktacular 5k

I ran my third 5k a few weeks ago, on October 29 in Whittier. This was by far the toughest 5k I ran out of all three. Unlike the other two 5k races I ran, this one was 1.5 miles of uphill running. That was something I had not trained for. I made the mistake of not looking at videos from previous years. If i had, then I would not have been caught offguard about the hills. I struggled a lot with this race. My official time was 30.06 mins. I was disappointed at first. However, I looked at how I did overall compared to other runners and I didn’t do as badly as I thought. My family was unable to go to this race because my younger sister had a soccer game at the same time as my race.

Although I didnt have my family there cheering me on, I still had a great experience. There was so many people there, both racing and watching. In fact, there was about 1000+ people in the race! More on the sidelines. I wore a Supergirl shirt since it was Halloween weekend. Heard a lot of spectators shouting “You can do it Supergirl!” It was cool lol Can;t wait to go back next year.

My next 5k will also be uphill. I have been training for that. The one is so close to my home. I hope my family can be there this time and I hope that I can do better. Aiming for 27 minutes!


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