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Mariachi 5K

My second 5k (October 15, 2016) took place in my own city and my whole family was able to go out there and cheer me on. It was nice having them there. They took pictures of me and just waited by the finish line for me. One of my coworkers also ran the 5k. For some reason though, it seemed a little bit tougher than my first 5k. It was much colder and had more hills than the first 5k. My time for this 5k was 29.11 minutes. I was kind of disappointed I didn’t do as well as I wanted. I have one more 5k coming up on Saturday (October 29). I hope to finish that 5k in at least 27 minutes or less.

Here are some pictures my mom and sister took during the Mariachi 5k.










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