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My All Time Favorite Oreos

Almost everyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Oreos! Not many people know that my obsession only started a couple years ago though, around summer time. I do like the normal Oreos, but I like the seasonal, creative Oreos even more! So I decided to mak a list of the best flavors I’ve tried.

My Favorite Flavors
1. Smores
I love anything smores flavored and this cookie is no exception. It is by far my absolute favorite Oreo ever!
2. Caramel Apples
One of my favorite things about October is that there are so many caramel apple flavored treats, including Oreos. I just wish they were available year round.
3. Red Velvet
These tastes just like the cake. Just the right amount of sweet, makes it hard to eat just one.
4. Cotton Candy
Almost a little too sweet for some people, but I like them and they actually do taste like cotton candy!
5. Lemon
Not too many people like lemon flavored things. Maybe they don’t like sour things. This one of the few lemon flavored foods that I like. It’s a little tart and but also a little sweet, the perfect combination.
6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
Not much to say about this one, but if you like the peanut butter and chocolate combo, this one is for you!
7. Gingerbread
Not the most popular flavor, but I like it because it reminds me of Christmas time.

Flavors I Would Never Eat Again

1. Brownie Batter
If you LOVE chocolate, this cookie is for you. But if you’re like me, this might be a little too sweet and a little too much chocolate in one small cookie.
2. Cinnamon Bun/Roll
Was looking forward to this one for months! Sadly, I was very disappointed.

Flavors I Would Not Ever Try

1. Pumpkin Spice
I don’t like anything with pumpkin, tbh, I don’t understand everyone’s obsession with everything pumpkin spice

Flavors I Wish I could’ve Tried

1. Root Beer Float
I love root beer floats, so I was very upset when I heard they had come out with root beer flavor Oreos!

2. Watermelon
3. Birthday Cake
4. Strawberries and Creme
5. Cookie Dough
6. Birthday Cake
7. Candy Corn
8. Banana Split

Flavors I Wish Existed

Sometimes I feel like the United States gets left out when it comes to interetsing food items. For example, countries like China, Japan, England, to name a few, get different flavors that we in the United States could only dream of! Here are some flavors I wish existed, they might be real outside of the US, but I have yet to see them.

1. Pomegranate
2. Dr. Pepper


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