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Unintentionally Inappropriate

lol pretty funny xD

Juice Boxes and Glue Sticks

School starts in less than a month. So that’s happening.

I decided it was probably important to get back into my classroom and try to put some sort of plan into action for the year. So I sat down to do some lesson planning. I started with math. I flipped through the pages of the kid’s textbook and came across this photo/caption combo:

IMG_2115How unfortunate.

Naturally, because I have the mind of an adolescent boy (making you proud mom and dad), I laughed out loud to myself at Matthew’s tri-testicle situation. Then I wondered how many children’s books there must be out there that have unintentionally inappropriate circumstances and quotes like this one.

After a quick visit to my local libraries and several Barnes and Nobles, it’s safe to say that there are some truly messed up children’s books out there. And now I will share them with you:


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