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On to the Final

Can you believe the World Cup is almost over? I can’t, it feels like it just started. The month flew by pretty fast! The final will be on Sunday between Germany and Argentina. Pretty sure most people expected Germany to be there, but not a lot of people expected Argentina. Not that Argentina is a bad team or anything, but based on how they’ve played most of their games during this world cup, they’ve been average. I, along with most people, expected Germany, Brazil, or Spain to be in the final. Spain shocked everyone by getting knocked out in the first round. Brazil lost a couple days (7-1!!!!) to Germany. How did the other teams do? Did they do better or worse than what was expected of them?

Better than Expected

1. USA

2. Mexico

3. Costa Rica

Worse than Expected

1. Spain

2. England

3. Italy

All 3 teams that did better than was expected of them are part of CONCACAF. USA and Costa Rica especially had really tough groups to get out of. Mexico was expected to have some trouble in their group too, but they weren’t in the group of death. The 3 teams that did worse than expected were all former World Cup champions.

Today the 3rd place match will take place. I’ll be rooting for Brazil because I really dislike Netherlands, mostly Robben and Van Persie. As for the final tomorrow, I would like to see Germany win. No I’m not a fan of them, but throughout this whole tournament, they’ve been one of the best teams. Also, I really don’t want Argentina to win.


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