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Footballers I Like or Find Attractive from Clubs I Hate

The title is self explanatory, right? I was bored when I made this list, so yeah. Check out the footballers I picked =P Btw, I decided to separate by league, to make it easier.


I absolutely dislike Arsenal, but I admit, they have some players I like, whether as footballers or people (as in, I find them adorable aha)

1. Jack Wilshere
2. Szczęsny
3. Olivier Giroud (he’s starting to grow on me…nooo)
4. Aaron Ramsey
5. Arshavin

Whoa. I like way more Arsenal players than I thought O_o who knew? lol

Manchester United
I hate them, obviously, they’re my team’s rival.
1. Rafael
2. Chicharito


Bayern Munich
As a Schalke fan, I’ve never really liked any other German clubs, esp Bayern. But after seeing Real Madrid lose to them last year in the SFs of Champions League, my dislike for them grew. However, they do have a player that I think is both attractive and an incredible footballer.

1. Mario Gomez

Schalke’s biggest rivals. I should hate them all, buuuttt, they have two players that no matter how I hard I try, I can’t hate on them. Sorry

1. Mats Hummels
2. Mario Gotze

Serie A

Don’t really hate them, but in Serie A, I prefer Roma (Michael Bradley)
1. Claduio Marchisio


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