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2012 Football/Soccer Memories

2012 was a great year when it came to football/soccer! I went to two different states- Arizona and Oregon (Portland)- yes, just to watch a match! I also got to see my favorite club play in person (for the second time) Real Madrid and I got to see Tottenham Spurs. Oh, and LA Galaxy won the MLS Cup for the second year in a row 🙂


In January, a week before my 21st birthday, I went with the Ameircan Outlaws to Arizona on a bus. For those who don’t know, the American Outlaws are the USMNT’s supporter group. Anywyas, the bus ride was about 12 hours, of course we stopped to get something to eat. I didn’t know anyone on the bus, but I ran into some people I knew when I was in Arizona. I also met a few people there, who I’ve kept in touch with via twitter. The match I went to watch was USA v Venezuela. The US ended up winning that match 1-0. That lone goal was scored in the 90th minute, well in stoppage time.


The next trip for me was to Portland, Oregon. Before making this trip, I really had no interest in ever visiting Portland. After all, the only thing I knew about Portland was the fact that they had a very popular donut shop called Voodoo Donuts. Once I was there, however, I think it’s safe to say I fell in love with the city!


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