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I Thought I Was Over You

When I started working there,
You were the first person who caught my eye

I don’t know what it was about you,
But the first time I saw you, I was like whoa

I remember thinking “Yes!
I have at least one cute coworker!”

I didn’t expect you to talk to me at all,
But for some reason, you did

The more we talked,
The bigger my crush on you got

Another coworker (my former “friend”)
Started telling me things about you,
He managed to convince me that liking you was a bad idea and that I should like him instead,
Which I did

Months later though,
Something happened.
I went a month without seeing you.
When I finally saw you again
It was like seeing you for the first time.

All those feelings came back
And it’s like I have a crush on you again

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