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Thoughts on This Season’s Transfers

Well, you all read what I had to say about Esteban Granero’s transfer from Real Madrid to QPR. That was probably the hardest transfer for me. Before this, I had never experienced one of my favorite players leaving my club. Here are my thoughts on some other transfers. I guess I can start with the good transfers.



Lass- Well, it’s about time! This is what most Madridistas were saying. I’ve met him and sure he seems like an okay person, but he wasn’t good enough for Madrid. His mistakes cost up points at times. He finally transferred to a Russian club for lots of money.

Afellay- I’ve been a fan of his for a while now. Yes, I think he’s cute, but I also think he’s a good player. However, I hated that he played for Barcelona and was hoping he’d leave, even if it was only a loan. Well, I got my wish. Not only did he leave Barcelona (on loan) but he went to a club I support Schalke! When I heard the news, I was thrilled 🙂

Bocanegra- He joined Rangers and did well with them. But then they ran into financial trouble and ended up in the lowest tier in the Scottish league. So I was hoping he would leave and go to a better club. Luckily, he was able to move to a Spanish club. Yes, it’s Spain’s second division, but it’s still a good league. I just hope he takes it easy on the Castilla players when he plays against them! haha

Dempsey- It was a long and ugly summer for him. He wanted to go to Liverpool, but they weren’t willing to pay what Fulham was asking. It looked like he was going to stay at Fulham, when out of nowhere, Spurs ended up signing him. I thought this was great for him, I think he has a better chance of playing in Champions League with Spurs.



I’ve already mentioned Granero, but here are some other transfers that I didn’t really like.

Modric & Essien- I put these two together because they both joined Madrid this season. If Madrid had kept granero, I don’t think they would’ve bought Essien. As for Modric, I was a fan when he played for Spurs, but then he joined Real Madrid and is one of the reasons Granero left. I guess you can say I’m really not a fan of his anymore.

Zlatan- He’s one of my favorite players. I loved watching him with Milan, but this summer he went to PSG, which was very disappointing. Seems like everyone is leaving AC Milan this season. I guess it’s a good thing I waited on buying his jersey earlier this year.

Javi Martinez-I think he’s good for Spain NT and he was great for Athletic. yes, he deserved a bigger club, but why Bayern Munich?!? That’s my 3rd least favorite club, for obvious reasons (they beat Madrid in CL SFs and in Bundesliga, I support Schalke)


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