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From LA to SJ (June 30-July 1)

Guess I can start with this post. After all, I’ve been meaning to write this for the past 3 weeks or so. Well, as most people know, I’m a huge LA Galaxy supporter. This year, I’ve had the opportunity to start going to their away games. The trip to San Jose was my first away game.  The Chivas away games don’t count cause they’re in the same stadium lol. Well anyway, we met at the HDC (Home Depot Center) Saturday morning and headed to SJ on the bus. The only bad thing was that I was going to miss a few Wimbledon matches, but it was okay though, since Roger Federer wasn’t playing that day anyways.


I keep saying that we went to San Jose, although technically, the game was at Stanford University, not SJ’s usual stadium. The ride took about 6 hours, we did stop a couple of times, which was good cause I was getting a little restless! We got to Stanford Stadium pretty late, in fact, we were in our seats about 10 mins after the game started.


First of all, even though I’m from LA (LA county, not really the city lol) Stanford had been my dream school growing up. To be able to see it in person was just amazing. Didn’t get to see much of it, cause like I said, we were late. But from what I did see, I was impressed, esp with the tennis courts. The stadium was also very impressive.


It was pretty awesome being there with all the other Galaxy supporters, we got to see Beckham score a goal 🙂 Although LA was up 3-1 at the end up the first half, SJ scored 3 goals in the second half and won 4-3 =/ For neutrals, I’m sure this was a very entertaining match, but for Galaxy fans, it was a little worrying seeing our team give up that many goals. We saw Beckham’s frustration as he lashed out at SJ’s mascot, which I thought was funny, and threw the ball at one of the “injured” SJ players, who ended up jumping up right after being “hit”. Apparently, Beckham is a miracle worker.


Although it was disappointing to see LA lose, the trip was over all pretty fun. The ride back home felt really long though, it was hard staying away, I was very restless. Had to eat my lunchables, yogurt, drink my sweet tea and aloe vera juice and read my book to keep myself awake. I will definitely like to go back to see LA-SJ again. Hope next time Galaxy can get a win.


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